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The Sydney Psychologist You Can Trust

It's important to find a psychologist in Sydney you can trust. Emi is a psychologist you can trust. She knows psychology. Inside and Out. And she's here to help. She wants to help.

Emi's helped lots of people. People just like you. People from all walks of life.
Smart people. Tough SAS commandos at the end of their psychological rope, big CEOs, loving mums that needed a nurturing ear themselves, lawyers on the brink of burnout, painters, artists, labourers. In the end, smart people who have the wisdom to know it's better to get help than fumble clumsily, and dangerously, in the dark.

Why do they come?


'I don't know why. I just know something needs to change.'


'I'm feeling anxious and it's difficult to get things done.'


'Life used to be fun and it's not fun anymore'


'I think I might be using too much alcohol or drugs...'

So you don't need to keep looking for a psychologist you can trust. Emi's it. She's also an APS member, AHPRA registered and insured psychologist.

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