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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What will I talk about?
A. People talk about all sorts of things to a counsellor or therapist. You can talk about the things that you are finding challenging, and Emi can help you to find some ways through tricky situations. Or she can help you to figure out where you want to go, what you want to do. Regardless of what you talk about, everything is completely confidential.
Q. My problem doesn’t seem so important, why talk about it?
A. Many problems can be dealt with much better if they are addressed early. If you are thinking about getting help, then it is probably a good idea to see someone early rather than later, before it becomes worse and impacts on work, relationships, and other areas of life.
Q. Can Emi really help me? What can she really do about it anyway? Emi can’t fix my situation.
A. Emi's trained in a range of different approaches. If there is an answer, she will be able to help you uncover it. But, sometimes there is no ‘fix’ to life’s challenges. It is still useful to have someone there to support you through tough times.
Q. Do they know what they are doing?
A. Emi is fully qualified, well trained, and has years of experience working with all sorts of people. Emi is so well trained, experienced and qualified as a Sydney psychologist that she often trains other mental health professionals, including psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers. We are confident she will be able to help.
Q. Will I be judged?
A. No! Emi firmly believes that every person’s journey and choices in life are unique. And she'll support you to live your life, your way. Everything you say is totally private and confidential. Think of it as your safe space, with someone who is completely on your side.
Q. How long will I need to go for?
A. Everyone’s situation is different. Some people may need just a few sessions to help through a tough time, whereas others may need more intensive sessions over a period of time. We find most of clients have more frequent sessions at first and then gradually reduce their sessions. Many choose to continue on an ongoing basis, and we compare this to looking after your car. If there are problems, you get them addressed. But it is also good to have the car maintained by regular servicing every so often to prevent problems in the future.
Q. Can I get a rebate?
A. Yes. Emi is a registered Medicare provider. Contact her office to find out about getting a rebate from Medicare. If you have private health insurance, you may also be able to claim a portion from them too. You will need to check your policy.
Q. What if I don’t like Emi?
A. We think it's a little hard but we get it. Emi is very likeable but sometimes you just don’t click with some personalities. That’s OK. If that happens, just let her know. Don’t worry – she won’t take it personally! And she can help link you in with a different therapist.
Q. Will I be given medication?
A. Emi is not able to prescribe medications. Instead is trained to help people by talking. Research shows that medications are more effective when used together with psychological therapy.
Q. Do I have to talk about my feelings?
A. No. If you don’t feel comfortable to talk about your feelings, we can focus on other things. We can look at what is happening in your unique situation and identify some concrete strategies that will help.


Q. When is Emi available?

A. Emi can meet with you face to face during regular working hours, or for phone/online session some weekday evenings. Worried about needing time off work? We get that. And it is worth booking anyway - when you look after yourself, work and life gets easier too. Get in touch to find out her availability at a time that best suits you.

Q. How long are the sessions?

A. Usually a session is an hour, but you can have a shorter, 30 minute session if you like, or in some cases (if you have a lot to talk about!!) we can do 90 minutes or more.

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