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Relationship Counseling

Not many things in life can fulfil you quite like a good significant other in a romantic relationship. But, despite popular movies, normal relationships are tricky and take work. Of course, when they work, it's all been worth it.


The reason why romantic relationships can be complex is because they involve the feelings, emotions and wants of at least two people. It's hard enough to keep all these elements in balance just within ourselves but when we have to share our life with someone else, then extra attention, communication and willingness is needed.


As a psychologist, I help people become a good partner by becoming good at relating. For example, showing them how to pay attention to the needs of their partner and how to communicate their own needs. For many of us, this can be very difficult to do and either wait for our partner to guess what we need, not very successfully, or end up blurting things out in anger and frustration.

It's normal. It's all good. It's not the end. In fact, I like to think that it's often the first opportunity for forming the basis of a robust and truly loving relationship. Truly worth the investment of time, love and commitment.


I have helped many relationships find each other again. It's satisfying work and I like to do it. If you'd like someone to mediate and help you communicate in your relationship, please call +61 02 8935 3885. If I'm not available, since I may be in a therapy session with a client, please leave a message with your contact number. I will get back to you asap. Or email either or use the contact page.

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