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Executive and Career Coaching

"A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could."

- Anonymous

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Performance psychology is a well-developed science. Some call it the science of achievement. And when it comes to performance psychology, few are more qualified in the world than Emi Golding. It makes sense since Emi is a fully trained psychologist and has had a keen interest in helping people with their careers for years. Having herself spent well over a quarter of a million dollars in professional development and achievement, she’s well versed in the tools available and which work best for whom.


Executive and Career Coaching focuses on the mindset, the psychological elements of moving up the corporate ladder. The cognitive building blocks of success. There are certain formulas to success that can be used, depending on the individual, and Emi knows them well.


Most of Emi Golding's clients are powerful career-minded women and men looking for personal & professional improvements. The psychological tools Emi uses continue to propel many people into new and exciting opportunities. Both at work and in their own lives.


Have a go and experience an Executive and Career Coaching session with Emi Golding. You will benefit greatly. Contact her 


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