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Stress Counselling

Stress Counselling is the type of counselling that helps people bring stress under control. These days, stress is rampant in workplaces and life. Either because of the COVID crisis or because of trying to fit too many things into our day, stress can pile up to the degree where it can cause severe problems. Through our stress counselling sessions, I help my clients tap into their natural abilities and find stress management techniques that will help them succeed. In our sessions, we cover relevant topics including:

  • What stress is, how it works and why it happens.

  • The difference between good and bad stress.

  • Getting to know what your stress triggers are and how to manage them.

  • Advanced stress-busting techniques and strategies that make life as easy going as possible.

  • How to become a Stress Master.

Stress is unavoidable but it doesn't have to be damaging. In fact, with the techniques we'll find together, stress can become your friend and provide the leverage you need to the life of your dreams.

To arrange an appointment, call or text: +61 02 8935 3885. If I'm not available, it's quite possible I may be in a psychology session with a client. Don't worry, just leave a brief message for me with your contact number and I'll get back to you asap. Or email either or use the contact page.

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